Alpha Solutions offers a wide range of IT professional services for companies (B2B services).
    These services are offered under the following forms:
1. Monthly subscription which includes regular maintenance and service for all IT equipment in a company - servers, computers, peripherals, telephone equipment, active and passive network equipment.
2. Monthly technical assistance by which Alpha Solutions assumes the role of network administrator and / or system engineer of a company (basically outsourcing these activities to Alpha Solutions).

    In this case Alpha Solutions is responsible for the smooth functioning of IT equipment, the proper functioning of the
office applications network and the proper functioning of communications applications and computer network security.
3. Interventions to request, based on an hourly rate, for fixing any problem arising in computer network of a company.

    Through its network of partners covering all counties of Romania, Alpha Solutions provides these services to companies that have offices and / or branches distributed throughout Romania with a response time and a time slot flexible, tailored to the needs of the customers.
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